Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Triple P

I packed the kids up and took them to park day yesterday. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 90* day, it couldn't have been more perfect. Now this particular park has what I call the bird's nest in the middle, a place with benches and what not that the mommies like to congregate in so we can have as much of a view of the kids as possible. I'm sitting there, chatting with friends when one of the other mom's starts yelling, "Trina, oh my god! Stand up quick you HAVE to see this!" I stand up and peer out toward the parking lot to see, much to my great horror, my son with his pants around his knees, bare-arsed, and whizzing on a tree! I could have freakin' died! Well of course the entire "bird's nest" is roaring with laughter as I race out to confront my child about the COMPLETE inappropriateness of his actions. I mean for crying out loud, the bathroom was less than 100 ft. away!! And it wasn't like he picked some inconspicuous tree behind the playground, no, no... he chose the one tree between the playground and the parking lot! I think I'm still blushing! Needless to say, trying to keep a straight face with all the cackling in the background was damn near impossible, but I did manage to pull off my best June Cleaver and gave him a stern talking-to in regards to appropriate vs. non-appropriate places for urination. Besides, this kid has a lot to learn about being stealth IF public urination is ever necessary. I mean you just can't drop trow and leave your shiny, white hiney hanging out for the world to see! We need to discuss what the "fly" is for on his briefs! Or better yet, maybe that's a job for Big Daddy!

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