Friday, December 21, 2007


Well folks, I am truly done! I went to the grocery store and spent a stupid amount of money, but hey, I want to make sure my guests are well fed over the holidays. I was pleasantly surprised that the grocery store wasn't crazy, but I went around 1pm, so all the lunch folks were gone and it really wasn't too bad. I made my way through, met a nice woman in the line who has the same name as me (how odd, I've only met like 3 other Trina's in my life that were just Trina, not Katrina). So my grocery experience was fine. I hit Sonic and the mailbox on the way home, and then we had my hubby's work XMAS party last night. So as of today, my only obligation is to clean my house. I have no reason to leave the house until after the holidays! YEA!

Happy Holidays to all of you! Don't be surprised if I don't post for awhile, I'm going to be enjoying my family!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Solicitations ruin the fun

I recently took my family on it's annual excursion to the "Trail of Lights", a display of lights that the Austin Parks and Recreation Department puts up every year. You walk through with your kiddos, enjoy all the pretty lights, nosh on funnel cakes and drink cocoa or apple cider! It truly is a nice display and I look forward to going every year. However, the mood this year was dampened a bit.

In the midst of all the festive lights and Santa hats lurked a group of folks handing out "Christmas Cash". It was about the size of a dollar bill, had a nice little cartoon of Santa on the front and had the heading "The Republic of the North Pole". I pretty much ignored the ones I was handed but one of the people we were with had browsed through the fine print and brought it to my attention. It was several paragraphs of fire and brimstone, informing us that we were all, and I quote, "lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterers-at-heart"! We were also informed we'd be treated to an eternity in Hell for our punishment. NICE! Just the thing you want to read while you are out enjoying the beautiful lights, the sweet, little elementary school choirs, and dance troops, your innocent, wide-eyed children and your friends, family and community as a whole. While making our way through the park, I personally was given 2 of these little lovelies, and everyone else in my party also came away with one or two. They were being passed out at various locations throughout the display route.

Bottom line... this REALLY pissed me off. Not that I don't think people aren't allowed to speak their opinions, I'm a huge supporter of our First Amendment. HOWEVER, I really felt that this kind of solicitation, well really ANY kind of solicitation in this type of venue was terribly distasteful! In fact, I sent a letter to the Parks and Recreation Department in regards to this. I don't feel that ANY type of solicitation should be allowed at this event. This is a community event where people of all different cultures, races, creeds, religions, beliefs, etc... come to enjoy their families, to appreciate the displays and to enjoy the season. And I'd be willing to bet I was not the only person who felt uncomfortable after reading these little flyers. I am just so tired of everything on the planet that is fun and enjoyable is now falling prey to someone's agenda. Can we not just take in the pleasures of life without being harassed at every turn? I don't go to community events to be harped at about religion or politics! I just want to go and enjoy myself and go about my life! I don't feel the need to impart MY "wisdom" onto the other people who dwell in my city when I am at such events, so why do I have to put up with it from others? Sometimes I wish that people would remember that Golden Rule that we all learned in elementary school! Seriously, there are just times that "SILENCE IS GOLDEN!" That being said, I will shut up now and get along with my day. I wonder if I will get a response from Parks and Recs?

It's beginning to look alot like... eh whatever!

I am done. Done with driving around amidst all the psycho nonsense referred to as the "Holiday Season". Holiday my ass! What in the world does driving around in the epitome of consumerism looking for gifts, trying to mail packages, or standing in line for hours with two kids to try to buy a stinkin' book of stamps to mail letters have ANYTHING to do with a holiday? The actual word "holiday" is defined (as per good old Merriam-Webster) as a day of festivity when no work is done. Bwaaa-haaaaa-HAAAAA! When exactly is THAT day, cause I want one of those! This is the time of the year when we are supposed to have good cheer and good will for our fellow man, right? The only good cheer I've received as of yet is a blaring horn and the Bird when I pulled into a parking space that was rightfully mine! (I had my blinker on and everything!) Maybe I missed the memo, but it seems the new wave of Christmas cheer is more along the lines of, "Merry Christmas and Go Fuck Yourself in the New Year!" But like I said, I'm done. I have finished my shopping and my only obligation outside of my home is grocery shopping tomorrow. I will then begin my hermit phase and not set foot out of this house until the day after XMAS! Because we all know, the closer we get to actual XMAS day, the nastier people get. So I will haul-up in the house, drink tea and apple cider, sit by the fireplace with my beautiful children and thumb my nose at all the crazy assholes that are out being menaces to society in the name of Jesus and brotherly love!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tagged into the paranormal

I have been tagged by Sean, this was an interesting topic to delve into. The paranormal and supernatural have always been something I enjoy! However, as I really don't know many bloggers, this portion of the tag will stop with me. I guess I should maybe work on networking a bit more in the New Year! Thanks for including me and letting me play!

The Rules

You should post these rules
Recall and relate a time when you experienced a "paranormal event"
Explain it rationally if you can
Inflict this meme on 5 other people

It is hard for me to pick a specific moment that I experienced a paranormal event. I have had many unexplained occurrences throughout my life, some of which occurred over long periods of time. When I was young, my great-aunt Ruth lived next door to my grandparents. She was never married and lived in the home that belonged to her parents. Since she was right next door to my grandparents I spent alot of time with her. I LOVED going to her house to visit, but for some reason, the upstairs bedroom was always a little scary to me. It was a gorgeous room, painted a lovely, light blue with lots of windows and light, it even had it's own fireplace, very much like a little studio apartment (minus the kitchen)! You would have thought it would be a wonderful place for a child to explore with all the old books and music boxes and closets full of my great-aunts racy, roach-killer heels, flowery hats, and boxes full of costume jewelry! But I very rarely ventured up there alone and when I did, I only lasted a few minutes before absolute panic would set in and I'd go flying back down the stairs to safety.

As it happens, my great-aunt became ill with Alzheimer's and she was moved to a nursing home around the time my parents divorced, so my mother and I moved into the house, I was about 10 or 11. I of course took one of the downstairs bedrooms because of my fear of the upstairs. At some point I began longing for more privacy and therefore decided I should conquer my fears and move upstairs to the cool bedroom (it was the coolest room a kid could ask for with that fireplace, sitting area and my own bathroom)! So I started to spend more time up there, trying to get a grip. It was strange, but I always just "felt" like I was not alone up there and I distinctly felt that their were two or three different entities (for lack of a better description) and I just felt that they were female. At this point I didn't necessarily feel threatened, in some instances I actually felt comfort, a strange familiarity. So I wasn't as fearful as I was when I was a small child, but it was still strange and somewhat unnerving. There was one occasion that I recall actually seeing something that spooked me. I was sitting on the bed and happened to look over by the fireplace and it seemed as though the chair was rocking, not hard, but slowly and somewhat deliberately. I didn't see an entity per se, but just remember having a clear picture in my mind an old woman rocking slowly in the chair, knitting or something. But I swear that I saw that chair rock and it freaked me out a bit. Needless to say my move upstairs was postponed awhile.

We eventually painted the room, hung new curtains and moved a new bedroom set upstairs. I also hung a few poster of my favorite band at the time Motley Crue (who I still love by the way)! Now I don't know if it was the paint, or the posters with pentagrams or the fact that I just finally conquered my fears, but AFTER that room was transformed from a proper lady's bedroom/dressing room into a teenagers dream room, I never "felt" the presences again.

Now as family history would have it, my great-grandmother occupied that house but she didn't die there (in fact if I remember correctly she passed away at a ENMU basketball game while sitting in the stands). And I'm not sure if she ever lived in that house, but my great-aunt Audean also passed away from tuberculosis when she was a young woman. Now whether the things I felt and saw had anything to do with them, I have no idea. As far as my great-grandmother, it wouldn't seem that far-fetched for her to return to the home she loved and as far as Aunt Audean, would it be such a stretch to think she and her mother might have been reunited in whatever sense that might happen?

Now, can any of this be proven? Of course not. Do I believe in ghosts? Maybe. There are things in the universe that I can't even begin to fathom. Are there ghosts, are there just changes in the energy around us, are there multiple dimensions in which we exist? Again, I cannot claim to know as only the dead can know what happens or does not happen. But what I do know is that from the time I was a very small child, until I was a teenager, that room seemed to possess something that I could not explain. When I eventually discussed this with my mother, she admitted that she had similar feelings about that room when she was young, but she wasn't afraid of ghosts, she was convinced there were gorillas in the closet! Yikes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Watch out Griswald's, here we come!

OK, maybe the place isn't decked out quite as cool as the Griswald's but we've done a pretty nice job. The hubby promised my son last year that we would decorate the house this year, and my son, having a memory like an elephant when it suits him, has held my hubby to that promise! I did the tree out front and hubby climbed around on the roof. I was a little bummed that we weren't able to get the lights on the peak of our roof, but it was just too steep and slick and I decided I would rather have a husband that was in one piece than lights on the peak of the roof! I'm just kooky that way! I think before it is all said and done, the tree next to the house will also get some lights, but here is what we have now! It's kind of pretty, right?

Baby Snaa-haakes!

Everytime I hear the words "baby snakes" it makes me think of a Frank Zappa song! You may be wondering why in the hell I would have even been thinking of baby snakes at all. Well... as it turns out, I was in the front yard, putting lights on the tree when my son informed me that there was an earthworm on the sidewalk and he wanted to pick it up and put it in the dirt of our flower bed. I told him I'd help as those earthworms are wiggly little buggers and they kind of freak him out when they do that. I went over prepared to pick up a misplaced worm and realized that it was no worm, but a baby snake of some sort. I'm glad I told him not to pick it up. Granted, I'm sure it was nothing but a little garden snake, but when they're that small, it's kinda hard to tell, but it didn't have that typical v-shaped head, so that was a relief! I went to the garage and got a little tin (that did have popcorn in it) and I coaxed the little guy into the tin. We showed him to my neighbor's kids and then decided we would release the little guy at the farm just outside the neighborhood. I didn't want to leave him on the sidewalk to be picked off by a bird, and honestly, even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't poisonous, I really didn't feel the need to have it cruising around my house either, mostly since there are alot of cats that lurk around. The farm seemed a much safer spot for this little guy and I'm sure a place with a greater potential for food items. Then again, I don't know what a snake that small eats, bugs maybe? Anyway, here are a couple of photos, we enjoyed its company while we had it and hopefully it lives a long healthy life on the farm!

My first attempt at gingerbread!

I have never made a true gingerbread house or even cookies for that matter. It seems like a huge pain in the buttocks if you ask me. However, my hubby had to go out of town on business and my little boy wanted to make gingerbread cookies to take to Daddy and his co-workers on his first day back at work. I lugged out my big, beautiful holiday cookbook and found several nice looking gingerbread recipes and off we went. I prepared the dough and let it hang out in the fridge overnight, then the next morning I rolled them and baked them. That way they would be fresh and yummy for everyone. Now although my son was at times a big help, I had to keep an eye on him like a hawk! He kept wanting to run his nose or lick his fingers, which the licking of the fingers thing isn't so bad if you are making the cookies to eat at home, but I figure the hubby's co-workers really don't need kid spit in their cookies (call me crazy)! I even had to throw away one entire portion of dough as the kiddo decided that he needed to sneeze all over it, UGH! He was relieved of his cookie cutting duties at that point and had to wait until decorating time. I wasn't really able to find a nice selection of candies for decorating, and I certainly was not about to pay $5 for a little thing of non-pareils, so we had to be satisfied with mini M&M's, Hershey Kissables, and red and green gumdrops. I made decorator frosting as well as the icing to pipe onto the cookies. This was my first attempt at ANY of that stuff. I'm not a frosting or icing kind of girl. In fact, as far as cookies go, I only make them if I can spoon them on the pan and be done with them! I applied all the frosting and icing and my son was in charge of candy and sprinkle application. And much to my surprise, they turned out cute, but most of all, the were REALLY tasty! The gingerbread was slightly crunchy on the outside, but beautifully soft on the inside and as much as I hate icing and frosting, when it is made from scratch, it is really quite tasty! So I guess we're hooked! I'm sure another batch will be made right before Christmas to share with family! Here are some photos of our little gingerbread masterpieces!

OK, what is up with the weather?!?

Sorry for my extended absence, I have been dealing with sick kids and now I seem to have picked it up myself... lucky me! I have been downing Airborne like it's going out of style, so at least it isn't really nasty. I hope it stays that way. I guess I should be glad, better to be sick now than over the holidays.

Anyway, on to more important things like the weather. What the hell is up with this Texas weather?? Last week it was in the upper 80's, in DECEMBER!!!! Then on Sunday, I dressed the family accordingly for warm weather and while we were out running errands the temperatures tanked and I walked out of Hancock Fabrics in my capri pants and t-shirt and my baby in her shorts and t-shirt to be hit in the face with freezing wind and a little bit of sleet! Holy crap, talk about unprepared! I didn't even have a little blankie in the car for her. Definitely not winning "Mother of the Year" after that! So, it's been really cold for two days, I had to bring in all my cacti and such but lo and behold, I get up and watch the forecast only to hear that it is a freakish 72* and we'll probably end up in the 80's by late afternoon, to be followed by a cold front which will knock our temps back into the low 50's tomorrow. No wonder I'm sick! All these drastic changes in temperature and humidity, my poor little bod just can't keep up with it all. Do we turn the heater on or the air conditioning, do I put the baby in her polar fleece jammies or her light cotton jammies, do we pull out the down comforters or just leave the quilts on the bed? It's too much, my brain hurts as well as my throat! Just give me some damn winter weather so I can at least have some sort of consistency!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not AGAIN!!!

As you probably read before, my little girly took a tumble and conked her head last week, which in turn caused her to barf all over my car! That took a good 3 hours to clean up and I had to tear her carseat apart and dig all around in the nooks and crannies to get it all off. It was AWFUL! But life returned to normal and we were all happy... UNTIL (dum, dum, DUM!) Sunday night when the boy went to bed and we heard a screech from his room. We rushed in to see what the problem was and he had puked all over himself and his bed! Not again!!! Hubby grabbed him up and took him into the bathroom to get him cleaned up, and I was left to get the bed changed out. Honestly, I don't know what is worse, carefully pulling off barfy sheets trying to make sure it doesn't hit the carpet or having to clean puke out of a kid's hair?!? Either way, we both had dirty jobs to contend with! I swear, if I have to clean up another round of kid barf this week, I'm gonna freak the hell out! Oh well, I suppose I should be thankful that it was puke and not diarrhea! Yuck!

So for those of you out there thinking of having children I would like to pass on some words of wisdom, if you have a weak stomach don't do it! Kids are not in control of their bodily functions for a VERY long time. YOU, my friend, will be forced to pick up and cuddle the crying child who has just heaved an entire bowl of vegetable soup all over his pajamas. It is you who will try desperately to get a diaper full of diarrhea off without getting it on the carpet or YOURSELF! It is you who will be cleaning toilet seats, mats and floors because your little man just doesn't have the aim you might hope for. And let's not forget trying to get the poop-covered onesie off the kicking, screaming infant in a mall bathroom and realizing you don't have another change of clothing for her or you! It is year after year of being way more familiar with another human's pee, poop and puke! I mean seriously, I worked at a children's hospital for 3 years and the stuff I cleaned up there PALES in comparison to the stuff I've had to deal with at home with my own kids!! At least hospitals are meant for that kind of mess. Linoleum floors, plastic paneling on the walls, plastic covering on all the beds, not to mention the fact that if you need to clean up a mess you are provided with all the high-tech stuff to do it with the highest level of efficiency and lowest level of exposure to yourself. If I had rubber gloves, masks, goggles, surgical gowns and shoe covers, all this puking may not bother me so bad! But as of yet, I don't have a Haz-Mat kit, so I am reduced to rags, paper towels and a washing machine that most likely hates me! I swear, the things you do for the little farts that you love!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

White Elephant #1... the day after!

Went to our first White Elephant party last night, it was great fun! Nice to see friends we hadn't seen in awhile. I made some lovely lemon butter cookies to share and was pleased to find that our friend Mitch, who we knew from NM brought a batch of fresh posole and handmade tamales. The posole was SO hot and SO awesome! All hail to Mitch!

It was a big party this year, over 50 people in an 800 sq. ft. house! But we jammed in there and enjoyed the festivities. It definitely seemed that this was "The Year of the Penis"! I apologize in advance to my in-law's who might be reading this entry! The party definitely took a huge step toward the XXX this year. In years past there were always a few little "surprises" that made us all go, WHOA! But this year the presence of porn and sex toys was off the charts! Some of the offerings included a drinking game that you had to take shots from penis-shaped glasses, the "Dirty Sex" game (don't know how that one was played, but I assume it was crude!), someone got a naughty and nice gift that included a sexy white teddy in the "nice" bag, and a pair of approximately size 52 granny panties in the "naughty" bag, not to mention the kit to make a mold of your own shall we say "member". One of the big hits of the night was this funny little book called "Penis Pokey", it was a little board book with pictures that I suppose someone of the male persuasion is supposed to insert a certain piece of anatomy and it makes a picture (I'm sure you remember the little books you would stick your fingers through to make an elephant's nose or a giraffe's legs?). One of the pictures had a hotdog bun with relish and mustard... SOOOO funny and a little gross at the same time! However, I think the funniest gift I saw was opened by our host Paul, who just happens to be Hispanic, it was a box full of Taco Bell soft tacos! That was the funniest shit ever! Who in the hell would have thought to box and WRAP a 12 pack of tacos!?! I ended up with a plain brown bag that had "HO, HO Bitch!" on the front and "Jesus Hates You!" on the back and inside was some sort of SpongeBob clock, a package of blank cassette tapes, a South Park Mr. Hanky VHS tape and a rubber shark. All in all, a much better gift than the box of half-eaten candy canes I got a couple of years ago!

Anyway, just sheer silliness and perversion and it was a good laugh and a good time! I always look forward to this party every year and I'm glad I was able to go! Now I have to get thinking for my "PG-13" party for next week!